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PAKEX is Cardinia’s first board game and hobby expo, celebrating the unique geek culture that exists in Pakenham and surrounds.

PAKEX Countdown! Saturday 14th March 2020

@ the Outlook Community Centre








Gas Games

Gas Games promotional video

Posted by Gas Games on Sunday, 28 April 2019

Announcement: We’re booked in at the Outlook Community Centre for Saturday March 14th 2020!

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PAKEX Fundraiser – Officeworks Sausage Sizzle 2nd Edition

PAKEX Fundraiser - Officeworks Sausage Sizzle 2nd Edition To help get PAKEX - Cardinia's First Board Game and Hobby Expo - running and to keep it free of charge, we are holding another fundraiser BBQ! WHERE? Outside Pakenham Officeworks, on the corner of Lakeside Blvd...

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Officeworks Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

PAKEX Officeworks Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser
To help get PAKEX – Cardinia’s First Board Game and Hobby Expo – up and running, we are holding a fundraising BBQ to raise funds to get the event off the ground!

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What is PAKEX

PAK EX is Cardinia’s first board game and hobby expo, celebrating the unique geek culture that exists in Pakenham and surrounding areas in Cardinia, Casey and beyond.

See how tabletop gaming has evolved beyond Monopoly, and try your hand at popular board games, Party Games, Role Playing, War Games, Miniatures, Trading Card Games and more!

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You’ll be hearing a lot more from them in 2020, but for now, welcome to Pathfinder Law, the new home of Rob Celada.

Rob has spent the last decade working with clients across Gippsland on a wide range of commercial, consumer and property law matters.

You can get in touch with Rob and the team by visiting their website – pathfinder.law

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Retailers of specialist board games, card games, puzzles, models and collectables.

Gas Games loves games and people. We like nothing more than connecting people to new games and each other. Our Mission is to improve social connection for everyone and to reduce screen time, with over 2000 products in store, we believe there’s a game for everyone and we’ll help you find it.

Come by the store, check out our range and take a look at our gaming room or sign up online for our newsletter, browse our site for new products, reviews and links to information about the world of games.

Come and join in the fun, until then play more games.

PakEX - Starfinder
PakEX - Harry Potter Wands
PakEX - Firefly Boardgame
PakEX - Dropfleet
PakEX - Dungeons and Dragons

PAKEX Features

Board Games

There’s a board game for everyone to try at PAKEX! At PAKEX, there will be a range of different board games for you to try and have a look. Demo games will be held through out the day of popular board games like Pandemic & Zombiecide.

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Party Games

Fun and interactive party games to get your next party pumping! From Cards Against Humanity, Buzzed and Bad People, your guests will have a blast!

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Role Playing Games

Immerse your self in the world of role playing game at PAKEX. Watch our livestream and also try your hand at character creation in Dungeons and Dragons.
Fantasy, Sci Fi and Adventure RPG’s will be shown on the day.

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Trading Card Games

Want to learn how to play popular card games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon? Come on by to PAKEX and we’ll show you how you can get started with your own deck and start collecting.

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Live Streaming

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More info coming soon!

All Ages Event

More info coming soon!

PAKEX Sponsors

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact the PAKEX organisation committee via email at fun@pakex.com.au

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