Region of Pakenham Gamers Incorporated (RPG inc) started out as a few volunteers who had like minded interests and who wanted to share thier love of games with the community.

We successfully held the first PAKEX in March 2020, which became the first annual board game and hobby expo for Pakenham and the Cardinia region. 

PAKEX 2020 was a free entry event open to all ages. With a wide range of activities including, role playing games, table top games, boardgames and collectible card games, there was something for everyone! 

Now at the end of 2020, we’re looking at what we can hold for the 2nd Edition of PAKEX (with restrictions in mind). 


PAKEX 2020 - Expo Photos
About PAKEX 2020 - Expo Photos
PAKEX 2020 - Expo Photos

Ever wanted to try a new board game, or try your hand at Dungeons and Dragons but don’t want to spend the $$ on something you might not like? PAKEX is your chance to learn a new game or 3, without the risk. It’s a free event with plenty of volunteers to help you try something new. 

Region of Pakenham Gamers Incorporated is a not for profit group, created to plan and run PAKEX each year.

To contact the Region of Pakenham Gamers, email us at fun@pakex.com.au