Qwirkle is a tile placement game for 2-4 players, kind of like scrabble but the tiles have coloured shapes on them, not letters. You can only place tiles next to another tile that has the same attribute (colour or shape). So you can place a yellow circle next to a yellow tile, or a circle tile. The aim is to form lines which either have each shape all in the same colour, or each colour of a given shape. In a turn you may play tiles from your hand, or exchange a tile in your hand for a new one.

Qwirkle won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 2011, and you can try it out at PakEX – Sat 14th March, Outlook Community Centre Pakenham.


Do you like bears? Even if you don’t – Barenpark is a fun game, great for the whole family! Players compete to make the best bear park, from huge Brown Bears to cute Polar Bears and even Koalas (yes, we know they’re not bears). You build enclosures, animal houses and shops to create the best looking bear park. Up to 4 plays compete to fill their boards, placing tiles to maximise your park and earn the most points.

There’s even an expansion, The Bad News Bears, which has a monorail!  You can learn to play Barenpark at PakEX – Sat 14th March, Outlook Community Centre Pakenham. 


Azul is one of the prettiest games we have ever played. You play as an artist, tasked with decorating the palace walls with decorative tiles. Players take turns drafting and playing coloured tiles to to their board, scoring points by completing patterns and sets, whilst trying not to ‘break’ tiles causing them to lose points. It may sound simple but Azul has quite a lot of depth & strategy too! It’s so popular now that it has born two spin-offs; Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, and Azul: Summer Pavilion.

And don’t forget, to learn to play in person come down to PakEX – Sat 14th March, Outlook Community Centre Pakenham. We’re open from 10am!