PakEX – Character Creation and Character Artists

Whether it’s a board game, an RPG, or even a video game, we all love our characters.

Our character is our link to the story, the universe. It’s a representation of us, but in a different way. I know someone who only plays games as a spell caster (preferably one with lots of fire).  Once you’ve tried your hand at an RPG, take a trip down Character Lane. We’ll have someone run you through how we create characters in D&D, how to chose a class, build stats etc.

But a character is more than numbers on a sheet of paper. How do they look? Have you ever wanted to see them? At PakEX we will have two amazing artists who would be more than happy to take a commission to prepare a drawing of your character for you.

See this, and more at PakEX! Saturday March 14, 24 Toomuc Valley Rd, Pakenham