PakEX – Cosplay at PakEX

Can I come in costume to PakEX?

Of course! We would love to see you in your costume, either bought or handmade.

Will there be a competition?

We will be hosting a cosplay parade at 12.30pm so you can show off your amazing look.

The parade will start at 12:30 with three divisions:
Junior (under 14)
Handmade* (all major elements must be made by you, not purchased)
Bought (any major elements were purchased and not wholly made by you)

We’d prefer it if you registered before the event. Just head to the stage area 15 minutes before the parade begins. If you have not registered, you will be able to complete the form up to an hour before the judging.

We will have token prizes on offer for the best cosplay in each division. Winners will be announced at 2pm.

Are there any rules?

Keep it family friendly! This is an all ages event, so please no excessive violence, blood or gore, realistic weapons, or nudity. Acting is encouraged, but please do not touch others without their permission, scare them, or use any other behaviors that may be unsettling to people.

No projectiles.
Guns must be inactive (unable to fire) and have the orange cap on the end.
Anything considered a live firearm or real weapon is not permitted (even if it’s not working).
Bow-type weapons must be unable to launch projectiles.
All props must blunt/soft enough that they could not cause damage by hitting, bludgeoning, piercing or cutting another person.
We recommended transporting any weapons in bags or wrapped to avoid causing any alarm.
Please consider available space. This is a small event, and large costumes may be unsuitable for most areas.

PakEX reserves the right to ask CosPlayers to change (e.g. not wear the costume) or modify their outfit (e.g. remove props) if deemed necessary for the safety of attendees.

What do I do if someone is making me uncomfortable?

We will be promoting ‘Cosplay is not Consent’ values throughout the event.

CosPlayers (and all attendees) are encouraged to approach PakEX staff if they feel uncomfortable.

We will be encouraging guests to:
Ask permission before taking photos.
Respect that ‘No means No’.
Not touch CosPlayers or making inappropriate comments.

Harassment will not be tolerated and offenders may be expelled from the event. PakEX reserves the right to eject guests who fail to adhere to rules and etiquette.

Can I get ready at the event?

There will be a small change area for anyone wanting to get changed at the venue.

I’m not sure if my costume/prop is suitable…

If you are unsure, please feel free to send us a message through Facebook or email. It’d help if you can include a picture of your costume or prop, and give us a description of what it is made of.

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions