PakEX Sponsor – Dice Bags by Mirée

In life we all like to personalise things such as choosing the colour of a car, re-painting a room, or putting decorations on things – it’s not just a laptop, its my laptop: you can tell it’s mine by the ‘choose your weapon’ sticker with a picture of a D6, D8, D10, and D20 on it. So why do we carry dice around in a plastic container?

Dice Bags by Mirée began in the family room of Victorian owner and founder Mirée. It began when Mirée and her partner realised they were quickly becoming “Dice Goblins” with growing hordes of dice that couldn’t be found when wanted, or would turn out to be the wrong set when gaming.
Mirée‘s partner procured a dice bag, however it was very simple and there would be many like it out there. Though it was of good quality, Mirée was unable to find the type of dice bag she was after; the seed was planted, and she committed to make her own Dice Bag.

Mirée decided to go to a craft show to see if anything would stand out for her own dice bag. Low and behold, she came across the necessary combination of fabrics, pattern and adornments to create her own unique bag. Thus her personal “Cthulhu” dice bag was forged in the fires of creation, and Dice Bags by Mirée was born.