PakEX – DropZone Commander and DropFleet Commander, by TTCombat

In this post we’re combining two games into one! DropZone and DropFleet are two Sci-Fi TableTop Games produced by TTCombat. They’re both set in the same future universe where humanity has been defeated and driven from Earth, and have similar rule systems. You’ll notice that both games use much smaller scale miniatures than the other TableTop games on display, and therefore can be played in a significantly smaller space.

DropZone Commander is set amongst the ruined remains of our cities, you’ll command infantry, armour and air support in a furious battle against your opponents. The game play focuses on fast movement and combined forces tactics, using air transport to pick units up and drop them across the map. It rewards quick thinking tactical play – successfully airlifting a unit out with an objective to the other side of the board can often snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

DropFleet Commander is set – you guessed it – in space; specifically in orbit in support of ground combat. No-one fights a battle in deep space, if you’re outnumbered it’s easy to run away; if the numbers are too even there’s nothing to gain from an attrition based grindfest. The gameplay is based around your ability to hold, and defend, set objectives. Not only does your fleet have to guard the landing ships as they drop troops, you need to keep the enemy fleet from getting into low orbit of the city: if they can’t hold it, they can always nuke the site from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure).

The amazing part of these two games is they have rules that allow you to play both at once – struggling to hold an objective in DropZone? Get fleet support into orbit on the DropFleet table and rain fire down upon your opponents. Can’t break through their blockade in DropFleet? Get your ground troops on the DropZone table to capture some anti-orbit cannons and smash them from below.

Check these games out (and more) at PakEX! Saturday March 14, 24 Toomuc Valley Rd Pakenham