PakEX Game Days

PAKEX – GameDays

PakEX was great fun, but as awesome as PakEX was we can’t run it every month. So, during lockdown we put our collective heads together to come up with some ideas to get people out and about in a safe way. Our solution – GameDays. Days where we play Games!

What is GameDays?

GameDays is a series of regular organised gaming sessions being held at the Outlook Community Centre, so people can come and game in a safe space with likeminded individuals, without having to deal with all the messy legal and financial stuff (such as public liability cover) that comes from organising clubs.

Ooh! What can we play?

To kick things off, we’re currently only organising RolePlaying Game (RPG) days; this is because we can manage an RPG in a COVID Safe manner – no players need to touch shared equipment, players can maintain distance from each other etc. In the future we’ll be working on other days for board games, CCGs and TableTop games.

But what about liability cover etc?

PakEX is run and organised by a community group called Region of Pakenham Gamers (RPG Inc); they’ve already taken care of all the fundraising, legal, and insurance needs to run PakEX, and are using that existing framework to start arranging regular gaming days.

How much does this cost?

For now? Nothing. Nada. Nil. Not only is RPG covering all the insurance needs, the amazing people at Cardinia Shire Council have jumped on board and provided a grant to run a number of days to support community events as we come out of lockdown.

Can I help out?

Sure can! RPG is always looking for volunteers to help run events, whether it’s just helping to co-ordinate a game day, help raise funds, demo a game at either PakEX, or assist in total world domination. If you’d like to get involved either speak to one of us at a GameDay, or get in touch with us via our contact page.

When is the next GameDay?

You can check the upcoming GameDays on our Facebook page or website!

Enough Info – I want to play!

GameDays currently requires pre-registration so we can control numbers and maintain a COVID-Safe environment. Simply complete this form to register your interest in attending!