PakEX – Gateway Adventure Games

RPGs are great for kids: fantasy creatures, an opportunity to use their imagination and exercise their creativity, stay social, and keep busy for hours without looking at a screen.
RPGs are terrible for kids: massive tomes with pages and pages of text, complex rules and lookup tables, and percentile mathematics. They’re just too hard for most young kids to handle.

It was an insurmountable problem, until Gateway Adventure Games came along.

Gateway Adventure Games run their own RPG rule-set designed for kids of all abilities. They use simplified rules and large visual playing aids to make it easier for kids to get a feel for the game and enjoy it, without needing a mountain of reference books to play. At PakEX our objective is to provide a space where people can try new games and find a whole range of activities to do as a family, so we’re proud to be hosting the team from Gateway Adventure Games. Get your kids along to PakEX on Saturday March 14th, at the Outlook Community Center, 24 Toomuc Valley Rd Pakenham.