PakEX – Introducing Captain Whitebeard’s Treasure Hunt (exclusive pre-release game)

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m really excited about this, not only is this a game that’s easy for kids to play, at PakEX you’re getting an amazing chance to play test a pre-release game.

Yep – pre-release, as in ‘not available to the general public’ yet. You get to try it out at PakEX.

In Captain Whitebeard’s Treasure Hunt kids will sail the high seas in a search for loot and plunder. Once their hold is full they’ll sail for home – but watch out, another captain might decide it’s easier to attack them than to find their own treasure!  So put a reef in the mains’l, send all hands to the fo’c’sle (see – reading all the Hornblower novels does have a use in life), and make best speed for PakEX, Saturday March 14, 24 Toomuc Valley Rd, Pakenham.

Please keep in mind: This is a play testing game that has not been released to market. There may be adjustments made to the rules between now and release, and the board and tokens you see and use on the day may not be the same as the final product.