PakEX Sponsor – The Dice Smith

I like dice, and I’m guessing that since you’re reading a blog post on a games expo website that you do too! They’re the the ultimate item, and every household needs many.

I like to use mine for:

  • Making important life decisions
  • Something to fidget with so I don’t chew my paintbrush (always make sure you chew the end without paint!)
  • Stepping on when I need to injure myself (actually – don’t like to do it, but it happens).
  • Sometimes I even use them for games!

It’s not just enough to have dice – they have to match things. That sorcerer I play in Pathfinder who likes to wear black and purple? I have a matched set of dice to her outfits. My green Kings of War army? They have a set of green dice. When I used to play games at a club, I had a set of D6s with the club logo replacing the 6.

The Dice Smith is a local supplier of dice of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Want a d20 to match your outfit? Dice Smith can take care of it. Getting married and need some white dice for the wedding – Dice Smith has you sorted. The best thing about Dice Smith? They also have all kinds of tokens, condition markers and stands to use for you games too! You can check out The Dice Smith at PakEX! Saturday March 14th, 24 Toomuc Valley Rd, Pakenham.