PakEX Sponsor – The Tray Tinker

Dice are awesome. We use them in our games, we collect them, we sometimes even let them make important life decisions for us. We’ll also buy that shiny new grey set with floating gold flakes that looks amazing and yet can’t understand why we have more dice than we’ll ever need.

They’re also noisy. Rolling dice on your table is:

  • A great way to put marks on the table.
  • How we lose dice on the floor (or into the dog if she’s in the room).
  • Bad for board games – if they don’t damage the board (better the board than the table), they’ll knock all the pieces over.

There is an easy solution to all these issues, a Tray Tinker Dice Tray; the Tray Tinker is a local company that specialises in handcrafted Dice Trays. But what’s a Dice Tray you say? Let’s have a look.

A dice tray fixes all our above problems:

  • It’s surface protects your table from being marked by the dice (and it protects the dice from the table!)
  • The walls contain the dice so the dog can’t eat them.
  • Your game remains safe from a dice invasion (it can’t help the GM trying to drop you in a whole pile of trouble though!)
  • Plus – it looks cool.

The Tray Tinker makes all their Dice Trays from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak. Not only do they have a whole range of design and fabric choices, they’re also happy to make a customer tray to suit your needs.

You’ll be able to see The Tray Tinker, and browse their amazing product line at PakEX